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Mar Vel
What is the difference between bad luck and really bad luck? Bad luck is me falling and twisting my ankle a week before the wedding. Really bad luck is my bride to be breaking her ring finger the day before our wedding.

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Mar Vel
Epic feedback from customer at a beach resort: “The sea water is way too salty!”.

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Mar Vel
A blonde reported for her first day at work. The boss asked her to make 30 copies of a letter. She went to the copier and returned with 13 copies. The boss told her that he wanted 30, not 13 copies. So she threw the 13 copies in the bin and went off to make 30 copies.
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Mar Vel
Child: “Mom, when do we have to go to the dentist.”
Mom: “This afternoon at tooth hurtie!”
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Jitendra Vishwakarma
ये खुदा तू मेरी फ़िक्र मत कर ,
बस उसे इतना हिम्मत दे ,
की वो मेरे बगैर खुस रहे ,

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Bett betty
Bett betty