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Mar Vel
A man was talking to his friend at the bar. He confided in him that strange things were happening at his home. When he opened his bathroom door the lights came on automatically and when he shut it they went off. He was worried that there was some paranormal activity in his home. His wife walked in and overheard him. She burst out laughing and told him that he was peeing in the fridge….again!

#Paranormal #Fridge
Mar Vel
A lady was changing in the locker room and saw that her friend was wearing men’s briefs. “Since when do you wear men’s underwear?”, she asked. “Since my husband found it in my car.”, she replied.
#RedHanded #MensBriefs
Mar Vel
It was my wife’s birthday and I was very happy. She knew that I usually hated birthdays and the parties and noise that went with it. I was lying on the couch in my pyjamas and enjoying a TV show when she entered the room all dressed up for a party. She asked me why I wasn't dressed yet. I replied, “Why bother??? No point dressing up for a party that will not even last a minute.”. She looked horrified. “You did say it was your thirty second birthday party!”, I defended myself.
#ThirtySecond #Birthday #HusbandWife