Mar Vel
03 May 2019 8:50:08 AM UTC in Bar Jokes

There are bad days and there are the worst days.

There are bad days and there are the worst days.
There was a lady who was sitting at the bar counter just staring at her drink. She sat looking at it for the good part of an hour. Finally, an inquisitive man who had been watching her all evening walked over to her, picked up her drink and swallowed it in three gulps. At this, the lady fainted. The man panicked and picked her up off the floor and after reviving her tried to console her and offered to buy her a drink to replace the one he drank. The lady replied that it wasn’t just the drink and that there was more to it. The man asked her to explain. She replied that she was having the very worst day of her life. Her alarm did not ring and she overslept. She then rushed to her office only to have a flat tire on the way. She reached her office late only to be told that she had been fired. She then hailed a cab and found that she had left her cash wallet at home. She finally walked to a friend’s place, borrowed some money and came to this bar. She had decided to die and was trying to find the strength to drink the poison-laced drink when he had come and swallowed the whole thing. This was the worst day ever!
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