Mar Vel
04 May 2019 11:00:48 AM UTC in Relationship Jokes Memes

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring
A couple arrived at the hospital to deliver their first child. Their doctor had invented a brand new machine that shared the labour pain with the father of the child. He was eager to test it and asked the couple if they would volunteer to test the new machine. They agreed and the wife got hooked up to the machine. The doctor started with a setting to share 10 % of the pain with the father. The husband looked fine and sat there as calm as ever. Encouraged by this the doctor scaled up the pain share to 25% for the father and 75% for the mother. The wife was greatly relieved and thanked the doctor stating that she felt much better. The husband still hadn’t felt any pain and requested that the machine be set to 100% pain for the father and none for the mother. The doctor agreed and did as they had requested. Soon the child was born with little discomfort to the mother and the doctor actually found that the mother was well enough to be sent home the very same day. They went back home with their bundle of joy only to find the neighbour sprawled on their driveway having experienced extreme pain through the day.