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Birthday SMS

Birthday SMS are for wishing your friends, parents, brothers, sisters and other near and dear ones with lovely, cute text messages on the most wonderful day of their life. Make them cheerful and happy on their birthday by sending these short greetings which show your love and affection on them. and make this day their happiest ever! It is an occasion that comes only once in an year, so make their day with plentiful of wishes, warmth and affection.

Birthday SMS Messages

Eighteen years ago,

on this very day,

was born a flower so bright beautiful and fragrant.

Year by year it grew more bright and beautiful.

Happy birthday dear sis!

Without you, I would never have been what I am today.

Without you, I would never have seen this wonderful earth.

Without you, I would never have known what love is.

Happy birthday mother!

Three persons came to me and asked for your address. I gave them your address and I think they are on their way to your house now. They names were: Health, Wealth and Happiness! Happy Birth-day dear friend!

Wishing my friend the nicest and cutest birth-day because if anyone deserves it more than you, it is no one!

The chirping birds are happy.

The colorful butterfly is happy.

The beautiful rainbow is happy.

The fragrant flower is happy.

All because its the most wonderful day on earth!

Happy birth day friend!

Day and Night are separated by dawn and dusk.

Black and White are separated by Gray in between.

Body and Soul are separated by Death.

But you and I my friend will never be separated.

Warmest and most happy birth day!

Sugar can make food so sweet,

A string can make the kite fly so high,

A match can make the candle so bright,

This SMS will make you smile for the next 365 days...

Have a jolly, sweet and happy Birth day dear sister!

Every moment of your life is a flower whose fragrance have never smelled before and which you will never smell again.

So enjoy the wonderful moments of life and make it memorable...

Happy Birth-day!

Wishing you 12 months of pleasure,

52 weeks of peace,

365 days of happiness,

8760 hours of joy,

525600 minutes of fun,

and 31536000 seconds of love.

Have a wonderful and amazing birth day dear friend!

Life is like a cycle,

in a journey of life.

Let the road which you take,

always be smooth and secure.

Have a great life ahead and Happy-Birth-
day friend!

Happy Birthday SMS

Drop by drop, that's how water becomes a sea.

Leaf by Leaf, that's how a plant becomes a big tree.

Day by day, that's how a boy becomes a handsome young man.

Have a great and joyous birthday dear son!

Wishing you a birthday as smooth as silk,

as pure and white as milk,

as sweet like sugar and honey,

and an year full of money!

A brother is like a moon.

A friend is like a star.

The sky look beautiful with stars.

But even more beautiful with the moon.

Many many happy returns of the day bro dearest!

S : SENDING truckloads of sweets for

M : MAKING happy my

S : SISTER dearest

B : BLESS you

I : INSPIRE others

R : REDUCE worries

T : TRUST yourself

H : HELP the needy

D : DREAM big

A : ALL around the


Somebody up there looks after you.

Somebody down here loves you.

Wishing you a fun filled Birthday dear daughter!

A little secret I tucked away,

and saved for the 'D' day,

wishes sent from far and far,

to say how wonderful you are,

let all these together give you the best time of your life on the day of your birth!

A new morning,

A new day,

Beginning of a new life,

Worries are things of the past,

A new leaf, a bud that has bloomed into a beautiful flower,

Happy sweet sixteen'th year!

Sugar prices went up the day you were born,

because God used up all the sugar

to create the sweetest, darling'est and most beautiful girl ever!

What is a Birthday?

A day to forget worries,

kill sorrows,

bury enmity,


become happy,

remember friends

and become special.

Birthday SMS for Friends

If I had Aladdin's lamp,

I will wish all the goodness, warmth and joy to shower on you today and for the coming year. Hap B'day!

Your birthday is different than other's.

Instead of you getting a gift, its the world which got a gift!

Hi, I have come from the future in a time machine. I know it's for real because I have seen it all... a year full of joy, pleasure and peace for you!

Hello, this is the local news bulletin.

Today there will be a heavy shower of gifts, wishes and sweets

on the cutest and cleverest boy on earth! Happy b'day son!

It's just not another birth-day... it's a day you are reborn and the day you make everyone around you smile... enjoy the day!

Time has flown by,

Hairs have become gray,

But the love hasn't changed.

Have a smiling and joyous b-day!

Words are not enough,

to wish a friend like you.

But still sending this humble little message to my most trustworthy, reliable and best friend for wishing him all the success in the year ahead.

Before its 12'o clock, I would like to take this opportunity to be the first one to wish you a great and cheerful birth-day!

Take a look at the outside world!

The cool breeze,

the lovely trees with leave fluttering gently in the breeze,

the birds chirping merrily on the trees,

the children gazing in awe at the birds...

everything, every soul and every body in this world are happy today..

because its a very very special person was born on the same date 18 years ago!

May all the stars in the sky,

all the flowers in the garden,

all the people in this world

and all the angels in the clouds

wish you a merry and unforgettable b-day!

Belated Happy Birthday SMS

If I had a time machine,

I would really go back two days,

'coz I forgot to wish my best ever friend,

a happiest and jolliest birthday!

Best Message for my Best Friend from his Best Fried wishing the best birthday ever!

If rain drops were like wishes,

I will send you showers

If wealth is like time,

I will send you hours!

Ingredients of this message

0% Fat

0% Cholestrol

20% Joy

30% Happiness

50% Love!

My heartiest wishes for you to get as many as gifts,

presents and wishes as the number of grains of sand in the beach and the number of stars in the sky!

There might be no cakes, candles, ribbon, party or treat but that doesn't make this day inferior even one bit,

'coz all I need is my friend's smile!

Birds, please come out and sing!

Flowers, please through your fragrance into the wind!

Wind, please send a lovely cool breeze!

For it's a day to remember,

a day to never forget,

the day my niece was born 16 years ago!

I am really confused...

whether giving a gift to you will matter...

because you yourself is a gift to me!

B : Brave

I : Intelligent

R : Reliable

T : Talented

H : Handsome

D : Daring

A : Affectionate

Y : Youthful

This sums up what you really are!